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Cleaning Tablets



Simplify your cleaning routine with this all-purpose cleaning tablet! 

Ingredients/ Materials

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking soda): Naturally antibacterial, whitening agent. 

Citric Acid: Kills bacteria mold and mildew. 

Essential oils (Lemon, Wild Orange): Naturally antibacterial, fresh scent. 


This product is packaged in a paper bag made from recycled natural kraft paper and lined with a PLA compostable film. PLA is a plant-based renewable polymer. Please remove the tin tie before composting. 

How to Use

All purpose cleaner: 

-Scrub surfaces directly with tablet. Works well with bathroom sink, bathtub, and kitchen counter. Not recommended with granite. 

-Drop into toilet, let sit for about 5 minutes or until fully dissolved, scrub as needed. 

-Use our amber glass bottle and combine with 1:1 water to tablet ratio (ex. 1 cup water: 1 tablet).