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Produce Bag



Designed for grocery shopping, but limited only by your imagination!


Our Muslin bulk bag can be used for produce, bulk shopping grains, beans, nuts, coffee, and granola. Or pick up fresh bread from the bakery! These bags can also be used to strain your own nut or oat milk.

Our Mesh Produce Bag can be used for produce, travel, laundry, beach days, home storage, garden harvest, and is the perfect alternative to plastic bags while shopping!  

We make it as easy as your conventional plastic produce bag with an attached tare weight. Show or tell cashiers the tare weight so they can deduct it from the final weight.

Ingredients/ Materials

100% Organic Cotton fabric, double-stitched seams, handmade wooden toggles, and strong cotton drawstring to secure closure.


Hand wash with cold water and hang to dry. Some shrinkage may occur because of the unprocessed nature of the fabric. 

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