Stainless Steel Razor
Stainless Steel Razor
Stainless Steel Razor
Stainless Steel Razor
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Stainless Steel Razor

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Shave the World from plastic! This Stainless Steel Razor is ideal for all of your shaving needs, from head to toe! 

❊ Alternative to: Single-use/plastic razors. 



10 free blades

Blade Take Back collection envelope

Hemp razor bag

❊ Durable, ultra-functional 3-piece razor.

❊ High-polished finish to protect from corrosion. 

❊ 3.5" in length. 

Construction: Secure the blade by sandwiching it between the two, top blade holding plates and then screwing on the razor handle until snug. 

Disposal: Please support R Waste-Free Planet by Recycling this blade at the end of its lifetime (built to last a lifetime). Return used blades to R Planet. 

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