Local Delivery

If you're based in Oahu, Hawaii, we offer a 'Local Delivery' option to help reduce any shipping costs or emissions!


We currently deliver to:
96825, 96821, 96816, 96815, 96826, 96814, 96813,
96817, 96819, 96818, 96701, 96782, 96795, 96734 


Please help us make this option easier for everyone by providing clear delivery instructions at checkout. 

 If you live in an apartment that requires a code or key to get in, please provide instructions as to how we can deliver your order. 

Example instructions:

  • Please leave my order in mailbox labeled '123'. 
  • House is the one in the back. Go all the way down driveway, leave order at green front door. 
  • Apartment requires key to get in. Please leave box labelled with my name and address near P.O. boxes.
  • Apartment requires code to get in. Please message me prior to delivery to let me know when you're coming.
  • Park in guest parking near the elevator. Apartment requires code to get in. Dial '123' to call and I will buzz you in. Leave at front of door. 




Help us reduce waste by opting out of packaging! 


At the end of checkout, fill out the form that pops up or leave a note at checkout to let us know if you would like to opt out of packaging (box that products would usually come in). Leave a message or note to let us know where we can leave your products!

Example message:

  • I would like to opt out of packaging. Please leave my order in the basket in front of the white door. 
  • No packaging please! Go up the stairs on the right and leave in the box labeled 'For R Planet'.
  • No need packaging. Leave products in mailbox labeled '123'.



Thank you for your support and for helping us make these options available! Together, we are making a difference :)