Bamboo Fiber Floss
Bamboo Fiber Floss
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Bamboo Fiber Floss

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Make sure to smile! And be proud to, especially if you're keeping your teeth clean with this Bamboo Fiber Floss.

❊ Alternative to: Conventional floss that is made out of 100% synthetic materials.

❊ Each Bamboo Fiber Floss spool is 33 yards. 

❊ Mint flavor. 

Ingredients: Made from 80% Natural Bamboo Fiber with Activated Charcoal and Vegetable Wax.

❊ Care: Cut desired length for flossing. Floss as usual. Keep floss in a container when not using. 

Disposal: Please support R Waste Free Planet by using the Reusable glass bottle for Bamboo Fiber Floss Refills


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