Our Story

Founders, Raina and Rhema Wong, are 22 year old twin sisters born and raised on the island of Oahu in Hawaii.

Imagine this:

It's the year 2019 before zero-waste stores were really a thing and nobody was talking about sustainability.

We're seniors in high school, who had recently watched several new Netflix documentaries. Some of which include What the Health, Cowspiracy, and Plastic Planet. This is where it all started and our sustainability journeys have now grown to affect every part of our lives.

When we learned about the state of our planet and the fate of all living things, we knew we needed to start doing things differently. So, we did. We started learning about different products that we had never known existed before, shifted our diets and lifestyles to accommodate vegan and plant-based values, and were now more open and aware of the impacts and power that consumers hold in cultivating a harmonious relationship with our planet.

Our environmental initiatives started with our friends and family from getting everyone a bamboo toothbrush and reef-safe sunscreen to learning about local recycling and bringing reusable utensils to class parties in high school. We were constantly learning new things and developing ourselves with the values of living sustainably and intentionally.

And this is where R Planet was created...

We started R Planet as seniors in high school (in fact, Raina built our original website in AP Psychology class, and our launch and first popup was at our high school's Earth Day event!) as a way for us to share our values of living sustainably and intentionally with products that are healthier for our bodies and ouR Planet.

We carefully curate and create the products we carry with the values of ethical sourcing, responsible disposal, natural ingredients, plastic-free packaging, and supporting other small and local businesses in mind.

Each of the products we carry are products that we personally use and love. We aim to share products that are just as effective, convenient, and affordable as conventional products in an effort to make sustainable living more accessible for others.

Thank you for supporting our small business and we are honored to be on this journey with all of you!

The Journey

From 2019 until now...


Launched on April 22, 2019, Earth Day as 'PlanIt Box'. Later changed our name to 'R Planet' and did up to 10 popups a month! We just wanted to get the word out and spread the eco love :)


Popups and events cancelled due to COVID. Moved into an apartment together that became our office/ warehouse. Shifted completely online and started handmaking new products.


Started doing popups again and wholesaling to stores around the country! Opened a 3-month popup store in Ala Moana Shopping Center! Our biggest popup and first brick-and-mortar experience :)


Both of us went away for a semester of school (did we mention we're also full time students?). Moved out of our home space and into a new warehouse space to work out of and run our business completely online!


We're excited for a new year to make changes, refine our business, and balance being full time entrepreneurs, students, and humans :) Thank you for making it all possible!

Why R?

The R in 'R Planet' represents not only who we are, but also how we can all contribute to living sustainably and intentionally.

R Planet.

Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink, Reconnect, Respect, Refill, Repair, Repeat, etc...

The R's (our family):

Ron, Riley, Ramsey, Royce,

Rose, Raina, Rhema, Risaiah.

R Planet









Handmade by yours truly.

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