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Bottle Brush



This multipurpose bottle brush is made with coconut palm bristles to provide a natural and sustainable way to deliver superior clean in your home.


Best used for cleaning water bottles, wine glasses, jars, baby bottles, toilets, etc. 

Ingredients/ Materials

The bristles are made from sustainably farmed coconut husks which are the outside of dried coconuts.


Handles made from FSC accredited timber


This product comes in a kraft paper box. 


Use this product as a Bottle Brush, Toilet Scrubber, Shoe Scrubber,  etc.

End of Life

Once worn-out these can be disposed of in compost (it will take a long time to biodegrade so if you have a mulcher you could turn it into garden mulch). First, pull the brush apart with pliers/side cutters and remove the steel wire which goes in your recycling bin.