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Reusable Menstrual Pad



Welcome to the New Period. This Menstrual Pad prevents millions of disposable period products from ending up in landfills. 


Customize the Pad according to your flow by placing one or both of the absorbent inserts inside the envelope-style holder. Or use just the soft, breathable holder as a slim liner for light flow days!


Day Pad

  • Ideal if 
    • you typically use conventional disposable pads
    • you have moderate flow
  • sizing: 9" long, 2.75" width when snapped, 7.5" insert length


Night Pad 

  • Ideal if: 
    • You have just given birth and need postpartum protection
    • you tend to leak heavy over the front of back of your pads
    • you have heavy flow


  • sizing: 14" long, 3" width in middle, 5" at widest, 7.5" insert length


Both Includes: 1 holder + 2 inserts. 



Ingredients/ Materials

This product is handmade in Portland, Oregon with soft cotton flannel on the outside and absorbent cotton terrycloth on the inside. 

How to use

  1. Place the inserts inside the holder.

Our Menstrual Pads include 2 inserts. Use them as needed depending on flow for extra absorption. 

2. Snap the pad around your underwear. The smooth side of the pad goes against your skin, and the wings wrap around the crotch of your underwear to snap together.

3. Change the complete pad (holder and inserts) every 2 to 6 hours or as needed.

  • You'll want to change your Menstrual Pad as often as would change a conventional disposable pad


For more information, click here.


Separate inserts from the holder. Machine wash cold using a natural detergent or hand wash and tumble dry low or line dry. 


Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners.


Store flat to eliminate wrinkling. 


With proper care, these Menstrual Pads are made to last as least 5 years. 


*Tip: Soak in cold water to help prevent staining. Or use our Dish Soap Block as a Stain Remover. 



This product comes 100% package free.