Soap Nuts - 25 pack
Soap Nuts - 25 pack

Soap Nuts - 25 pack

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Soap Nuts are a natural, non-toxic alternative to detergent that are gentle on your clothes and skin. Just add them to your laundry for a simple and effective clean! 


Each order includes:

- 25 Soap Nuts (enough for 50 loads of laundry)

- One 4 x 6" muslin storage bag 

- One 2 x 3" muslin wash bag

Ingredients/ Materials

Soap Nuts come from the soapberry tree! (genus: Sapindus)


Soap Nuts is the fruit of the nut, dried, with the pit/nut removed! 


The nuts contain saponins, a surfactant substance that, when combined with water, produces a dirt and bacteria fighting soap (and even suds!). 

How to use

  1. Put five nuts in small bag.
  2. Cinch/ close bag.
  3. Put bag in laundry and wash as usual! Cold water works great.
  4. Reuse nuts up to ten times! They're ready to replace when they look dry. 


This product comes packaged in a muslin storage bag. 

End of Life

This product is 100% compostable!


The muslin bag can be reused or returned to us at 

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