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Stainless Steel Razor



Shave the World from plastic! This Stainless Steel Razor is ideal for all of your shaving needs, from head to toe! The Butterfly opening makes it easy, convenient and safer to change your blades.


Each order includes: 

Stainless Steel Razor, 10 pack Stainless Steel Blades, Hemp Razor Bag. 


Razor is 3.5" in length. 

Ingredients/ Materials

Made from Stainless Steel.

High-polished finish to protect from corrosion.


This product comes 100% package free! 

How to use

The Butterfly offers the easiest solution for replacing your blade with a quick bottom twist to secure it.


  1. Twist the bottom of the shaver handle to open the wings of the blade holder.
  2. Simply place a blade (be careful - it's sharp!) on the platform and twist the bottom in the opposite direction to tighten the blade holder wings over the blade. 
  3. You're ready to shave!


Start slowly, and ease into using the razor! You may cut yourself before getting used to it completely but it's all about learning how to use it for your body.

End of Life

This product is 100% recyclable. 


Please send back your blades and we will ensure they get recycled. 


Simply collect your used blades in the envelope they come in when you buy  Replacement blades. When you've gone through a pack of blades, seal that envelope and insert it into any other envelope at least 3.5" X 5" large (USPS minimum) and send it to:


Albatross Designs

PO Box 2254

Berkeley, CA 94702


Return to R Planet, contact here for more info. 


*Note: We prefer that send the blades back to us so that we can send them back in bulk to reduce carbon emissions (for those located in Hawaii) 

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