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Vegan Floss Refills - 2 pack



Refill your old floss container with our Vegan Floss Refills! 


Each order comes with 2 spools. Each spool is 33 yards. 

Ingredients/ Materials

Made from Bamboo fibers with activated charcoal and vegetable wax. Mint flavored.

How to use

Add spool to desired container. 


String end of Vegan Floss spool through the hole on metal cap. Cut desired length for use. Insert floss fibers between teeth for optimal cleaning. 




This product comes in a 100% recycled post consumer kraft box with a kraft label. Box is Recyclable with label. 

Replacement For

Conventional floss that is made out of 100% synthetic materials.

End of Life

Floss fibers are 100% compostable.


Recycled box packaging (including label) can be recycled.

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