Zero Waste Refill PopUp
We are excited to announce unpackaged and refill options for everyone! Our Zero Waste Refills are an exclusive addition to R Planet PopUps.
Join the Zero-Waste partayy.
Here's the breakdown:
How to Zero Waste Refill:
1. Tare (weigh) your jar or container. 
2. Fill up on all the good stuff.
3. Weigh and pay.
We will deduct the container weight from the final weight
4. Use up all that good stuff. 
5. Rinse and clean your jars and repeat!
What Jars work?
We highly encourage bringing your own jars or containers :) Remember to clean them, your refills are only as fresh as the oldest product that used to live in that jar. You are also welcome to choose from our Jar Library if needed! 
What is a Jar Library?
"Take a jar, leave a jar" 
Take a jar to use for your own refills, or leave your old, clean (labels taken off) jars for us to offer! 

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