Support Plastic Ban Ordinance 19-30 (aka Bill 40)

This year, the biggest plastic ban in the nation, Honolulu’s Ordinance 19-30, aka Bill 40 is expected to go into effect.
Bill 40 (now known as Ordinance 19-30) is a measure to phase out a wide range of single use plastic commonly used in food service (plastic straws, utensils, etc.) Plastic service ware would be required to be replaced by a plastic free alternative and only be provided by request.
The new law was set to take effect this month but will now be delayed until April 1 to give businesses extra time to prepare given the circumstances of COVID. However, big businesses and industry lobbyists are now pushing for a 2 year exemption.
Here’s some ways you can prevent this from happening:
  • Register to speak and show support on January 15 hearing via WebEx
  • Sign this petition to support food service plastics ban Ordinance 19-30
  • Sign this Business Sign-On Letter in Support of the Disposable Food Ware Ordinance (for business owners)
Click here to learn more about Ordinance 19-30. 
It’s up to us to participate in this opportunity to support this plastic ban and make sure it gets implemented as planned. Let’s do our part 💚

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