Activated Charcoal Soap Bar
Activated Charcoal Soap Bar
Activated Charcoal Soap Bar
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Activated Charcoal Soap Bar

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This all-natural Activated Charcoal and Tea Tree Soap Bar is an aesthetic essential for guilt-free bathroom hygiene. 


Activated Charcoal helps balance oily skin, clears and deep cleans skin, gently exfoliates and removed toxins and impurities. 


Keep dry when not in use to preserve the life of Soap. Best paired with our Ladder Style Soap Dish. 


Activated Charcoal, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Castor Oil, Tea Tree Essential Oil. 


This product comes packaged in 100% recycled post consumer paper packaging. 

Replacement for

Conventional packaged soap that may contain toxic chemicals. 

End of Life

This Bar Soap is made from all-natural ingredients that are biodegradable. 

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