Kitchen Essentials Box
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Kitchen Essentials Box

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A box of eco-friendly kitchen essentials built to give you all of the basics for a big change in your kitchen. Includes 10 zero waste, vegan, organic and all natural products at a marked down price to make the change easier.


❊ 2 pack Reusable Food Wrap 

❊ Bamboo Utensil Kit  

❊ Dish Soap Block 

❊ Ecococonut Scourer

❊ Ladder Style Soap Dish 

❊ Reusable Grocery Bag 

❊ Reusable Produce Bag 

❊ Reusable Silicone Storage Bag 

❊ Set of 3 Bamboo Straws

❊ Sponge Cloth 

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