Sign Petitions

We have compiled some petitions that address issues of intersectional environmentalism that haven't yet reached their goals and could use some of your support. 

If you would like us to add any petitions to this list, please reach out here and we will do our best.

Save Yemen from Extinction:


Compassion and action for Yemen refugees:


Stop the Flow of weapons to Yemen:


 Justice for Elijah McClain:


Make Juneteenth A National Holiday:


Demand Speaker Saiki finally takes action to allow oversight of law enforcement statewide (HI):


Stop the War and Famine in Yemen:


Justice for Breonna Taylor:


Justice for Ahmaud Arbery:


Justice for Tamir Rice:


Justice for Joao Pedro:


Justice for Emerald Black:


Justice for Sandra Bland:


Justice for Trayvon Martin, The Trayvon Martin Law:


Justice for Eric Garner, 'Eric Garner Law':


Justice for Willie Simmone:


Fire Racist Criminal Michael J Reynolds from the NYPD:


Police Accountability Act of 2020:


Support the 'Hands Up Act':


Campaign for Nature:





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