We encourage you to register to vote and educate yourself about the candidates and representatives. Although voting is not a requirement, it is considered a civic responsibility. A higher voter turnout makes the democracy more representative and voices the opinions of the public. 

Voting is a way for us to decide on the issues that most affect the community and encourage people to think about how representatives can address these issues. 

Here's how:

1. Click this link or go to

2. Select your state and click 'Find out how to register'.

3. Follow the directions that follow on the screen. 



July 9th - Last day to register for the primary 

July 21st - Primary mail ballots to be delivered

August 8th - Last day to vote for the primary 

October 5th - Last day to register for the general

October 16th - General mail ballots to be delivered

November 3rd - Last day to vote for the general 


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