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We have compiled this list of Bills that address issues of intersectional environmentalism and need your support. 


Balloon Release Ban Bill: 

A bill to ban balloon releases statewide: SB2781 introduced by Senator Gabbard, has successfully passed the Senate with all the Senators supporting the bill. It is now in its 2nd last committee hearing!

Submit Testimony by June 21st 2020 at 9:30 AM. 

Here's how: 

  • Register at
  • Enter and search Bill SB 2781 in the search bar.
  • Click 'Submit Testimony'
  • Fill in your answers!
  1. Your position: Support
  2. Will you be testifying in person at the hearing? Yes/No
  3. Testifying on behalf of an: Individual / Organization
  4. Attach or type in your testimony (optional)
  5. Click 'Submit' and you're done!

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