Our Bamboo Bundle has all of the essentials to eliminate some of the most common single use plastics. Includes: Straw Cleaner, Bamboo Utensil Kit, Bamboo Toothbrush. Bamboo is the most sustainable plant on earth and can be composted at the end of its use. Shipped and packaged 100% plastic free. Shop now at rplanetshop.com.

Bamboo Bundle

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This Bamboo Bundle has all of the reusables that will help you to eliminate the most common single use plastics!



Coconut Fiber Straw Cleaner, Bamboo Straw, Bamboo Utensil Kit (Bamboo Chopsticks, Fork, Knife, Spoon), Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush 

Ingredients/ Materials

Coconut Fiber Straw Cleaner: Coconut Fibers, Metal wiring 

Bamboo Straw: 100% Organic Bamboo

Bamboo Utensil Kit (Bamboo Chopsticks, Fork, Knife, Spoon): 100% Organic Bamboo

Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrush: 100% Organic Bamboo handle, Castor Bean Oil Bristles


Clean in the dishwasher or wash by hand using our Coconut Fiber Straw Cleaner. Air dry. 


This product comes 100% package free or wrapped in 100% recycled post consumer content. 

Replacement For

Single use/ plastic straws. 

End of Life

This product is 100% compostable and biodegradable. 

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