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Bamboo Toothbrush



A toothbrush, but make it sustainable. Eliminate the use of one of the most common pieces of plastic found in our oceans and on beaches with a Bamboo Toothbrush! Not to mention how much more aesthetic it will make your bathroom look. 


Adult: 7 x 4 x 1 in. 

Kids: 6 x 4 x 1 in. 

Ingredients/ Materials

Handle is made from 100% Organic and sustainably harvested Bamboo. 


Bristles are made from Castor Bean Oil. 


Dry after each use. Bamboo is a natural material that keeps best when kept in a dry area. With proper care, our Bamboo Toothbrush will last just as long as a conventional plastic toothbrush (generally 3 months). 


This product comes in a 100% compostable box. The Wrapper around the toothbrush is plant-based and also 100% compostable. 

Replacement For

Plastic toothbrush. 


Use this product as a Toothbrush, Eyebrow Brush, Garden Marker, Cleaning Brush, Keyboard Duster, Shoe Scrubber, etc. 

End of Life

The Bamboo handle is 100% compostable. The Bristles are not biodegradable and require removal. If you don’t have direct access to composting, we recommend disposing of your handle in the green bin. Make sure to check your local waste disposal guidelines.

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