4 Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts

4 Creative Ways to Wrap Gifts

Dec 10, 2020Raina & Rhema Wong

With the holidays right around the corner, gifts are on a lot of our minds. And with gifts comes gift wrapping. According to a report from Sundale Research, people in the U.S. spent a total of $12.7 billion on gift wrap, including wrapping paper, tissue paper and gift bags in 2017. Most of which is thrown away after it's been torn up and unveiled the gift inside.

Almost 5 million pounds of wrapping paper is produced in the US each year and over 2 million pounds of it ends its life in landfills. Thankfully, there are lots of ways to get creative with wrapping gifts. Here's some of our favorites:

1. Twine or hemp cord

Natural string provides a great aesthetic feel to gifts. Tie in some other natural elements such as lavender or rosemary plants to add a special touch.

2. Newspaper of kraft paper

Not only is newspaper free, but it's also recyclable in most areas! Remind your gift receivers to recycle the newspaper instead of throwing it away. If you're not a fan of newspaper, kraft paper makes a great alternative to conventional wrapping paper. You can write directly on it and it brings a natural and warm feel to the gift!

3. Cloth or fabric scraps

Use up fabric scrap remnants to add a unique touch to each gift. Or double your gift as wrapping paper and wrap things up with scarves, clothes, towels, bandanas, etc.

4. Reusable bags or totes

Another great way to double your gift as wrapping paper - wrap it in a bag! Our Reusable Tote Bag or Produce Bag is a great option for this.

Not only are these gift wrapping options a way to reduce waste and save money, but they are also unique and creative and add special touches to gifts. We hope you loved these ideas and try one! Happy holidays, Raina and Rhema