5 Ways to Use our Dish Soap Bar

5 Ways to Use our Dish Soap Bar

Jan 15, 2021Raina & Rhema Wong

We love multipurpose products. It just makes sense to have one product that can do so much instead of having so many different products with a single purpose. And that’s why we love our Dish Soap Bar! We initially made it to be used as an alternative to liquid dish soap that comes in a plastic bottle, but we’ve found that it can be used for so much more. 


Here are 5 ways to use our Dish Soap Bar:

1. Washing Dishes

Of course. Our Dish Soap Bar is made up of coconut oil and castor oil, making it very clean while providing a bubbly lather. The castor oil is moisturizing so your hands don’t dry out while washing dishes and makes it possible to even use the Bar as a hand soap if needed! 

2. Pet Shampoo 

I was initially using an olive oil-based soap bar but I ran out and Kenzo (my dog) needed a bath so I tried out this Dish Soap and was surprised by how much I loved it. It provides a neutral scent and the strong lather makes it easy to work it in all over. You can also drop some lavender essential oil while washing your pet for a clean scent and to prevent fleas. 

3. Stain Remover

Ever spill something on your shirt while eating and immediately run to the sink to try and wash it off? Well that happened and while I was at the sink, I ended up rubbing the Dish Soap Bar onto the stain too. To my surprise, it did the trick! This Bar has become my go to stain remover. Just wet the stained area and rub the bar directly onto the area. Then scrub the clothing or material a bit until the soap gets bubbly and poof. Gone! 

4. Surface Cleaner

If it works for my dishes, dog, and clothes, it’s got to work on surfaces too! Just rub your sponge or cloth directly onto the bar and then clean as usual. The best thing about using the bar is that a little goes a long way. Just one quick rub is all you need! 

5. Shaving Soap

I‘ve been using Soap Bars as my shaving soap and that works just fine for me but this bar also works great as a shaving soap! The lather stays on your skin longer than the standard Soap Bar and provides a nice safe layer between your skin and the razor. 

Having one product that can work efficiently in multiple different ways is so helpful. A lot of low-waste or sustainable living tips and tricks always highlight using what you have. Instead of buying several different products for specific purposes, try using what you already have and you might be surprised! This Bar is the perfect example of that and we hope you love it as much as we do :)