Why we love Nut Milk

We love Nut Milks for a number of reasons - it’s plant based, offers delicious flavors, and there’s a lot of different varieties to choose from. Not to mention, we can also make it at home using our Nut Milk Bag! We’ll be sharing our favorite recipes and tips for homemade Nut Milks.



Dairy and animal agriculture in general are leading factors contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. When we consider the environmental impact of animal agriculture and the byproducts, we must also consider the life of the animal, the space it occupies, manure management, and the amount of food and water that has to be fed to these animals to product meat and dairy products. This is why greenhouse gases such as nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and methane have such a strong impact on our environment. Nut Milks require less maintenance, space, and resources to make. Not to mention, they are also a great option to help reduce animal exploitation and save the lives of animals!


Not all Nut Milks are created equal. In fact, they often take on the taste of what they’re made of, bringing a variety of tastes to experiment with! Different types of Nut Milk can transform the taste of any drink or recipe almost entirely.


Okay, we say Nut Milk but there are even Milks that can be made from rice, peas, and even bananas. Yep, bananas... But, even if we were just talking about nuts, there’s still variety - almonds, oats, cashews, and macadamia nuts, etc... With so many difference types of plant milk to choose from, we can reduce our impact on the environment and consume products that are healthier for our bodies.


You can make your own Nut Milk at home using just a few simple materials and ingredients. Each type of milk is made a little differently but essentially, all you might need is your choice of nuts (or other plant based ingredients), a blender, and a Nut Milk Bag (or fine mesh strainer).


Here’s a simple and easy recipe for our favorite Oat Milk:



1. 1 cup water

2. 3 cups oats



1. Blender

2. Nut Milk Bag

3. Measuring Cup



1. Combine water and oats into blender.

2. Blend for about 45 minutes or until oats are fine.

3. Strain using Nut Milk Bag or strainer.


We hope you can enjoy your homemade nut milk :) 

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