5 Reasons to Use Soap Bars

5 Reasons to Use Soap Bars

Jul 26, 2020Raina & Rhema Wong

Soap, an essential in pretty much everyone's life, especially during this significant time of practicing good hygiene. While it is important to keep things clean, it's also important to keep ouR Planet clean! Soap Bars, are the ultimate alternative to liquid soap that's often packaged in plastic which is likely to be thrown away.


Here are 5 reasons (out of many) to use soap bars:


1. Soap Bars have a much lower overall carbon footprint. 

Liquid soaps are much larger and heavier than bar soaps, so it requires 9 times more energy to transport them. Not to mention, a bar of soap typically lasts 6 times longer than a bottle of liquid soap. 

Fun fact: This is the reason that manufacturers started selling liquid soaps in the first place - it allows them to sell 6 times more products! 

2. Plastic-free packaging! 

The only packaging required for most bar soaps is paper! And even that can be avoided at times. Whereas liquid soap often comes packaged in a plastic bottle. Although these bottles may be recyclable, recycling is resource-intensive and it can be difficult to ensure its proper disposal. 

3. Less chemicals are required to make bar soap. 

Since bar soaps don't contain water, they don't even require preservatives! If you look at the ingredients in conventional liquid soaps and shampoos, the list can be full of ingredients that we can barely pronounce. While you may be able to find liquid soap with more natural ingredients, they tend to be more expensive. 

4. Affordable and easily accessible.

Not only do most grocery stores offer bar soaps as an option, but there are also several small businesses to support with a variety of bar soaps! Because they cost less to make, they also come at affordable pricing for most people. 

5. Reduces amount of product wasted. 

Have you ever got more shampoo or liquid soap than you needed? And it kinda just ends up going down the drain... With bar soaps, you don't have to worry about over-using the product - it's easy to know when to stop. Just apply it on your hair or body until you have just enough! 


Not only can you Reduce your overall carbon footprint, but bar soaps are also a great way to avoid plastic packaging and chemicals, they are affordable and easily accessible and can help you reduce product waste! 

Many solutions for Reducing waste are also solutions for healthier choices for our bodies, our community, and ouR Planet!