How to Clean Old Jars


There’s nothing like the Rewarding feeling of Reusing something. It’s a great way to Reduce your waste and there’s endless ways to Repurpose them. Especially all those old pasta sauce and pickle jars. However if you don't properly clean them, you might end up with laundry detergent smelling like tomato sauce. 

It’s important to make sure your jars or containers and clean before refilling them to avoid any contamination or scents that don't belong there. We’ve found that this is an efficient way to sanitize jars or containers. 


What You Need: 

Large Pot

Distilled or Filtered Water

Dish Soap

Distilled White Vinegar 



 1.Wash containers (wash lids, jars, and pumps).

For Containers & Lids: Wash with soap and water. 

For Pumps & Misters: Squirt soapy water through pump or mister. Repeat with clean water. 

  1. Fill a large pot with filtered water until containers are covered. Bring the water to a boil and leave boiling for 5 minutes.

3.Remove from heat and allow the water to cool completely before removing containers, lids, and pumps from the pot. Let air dry. 

4.For pumps & misters: Pump distilled vinegar through 10+ times, repeat with clean water. Let air dry. 

  1. Store in a clean place or sealed container until ready to refill and reuse!

Now that your jars are clean and ready to be Refilled, Find Us at our Zero Waste Popups! 

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