The 8 R’s

There can be a lot of questions that you ask yourself (or random YouTubers) about tips to living a zero/low-waste lifestyle. R Planet is focused on bringing attention and awareness to the R words that can help guide others through their journey of taking care of R Planet. We encourage you to embrace the R’s from a new perspective. 

1. Refuse

Refuse anything that doesn't add value to your life. Refuse items that will only give you a moment of value as opposed to a lifetime of value. For example, products packaged or made from plastic. Refuse samples or freebies that you didn't intend to have. Even Refuse brochures, business cards, or pamphlets and take a picture instead! When you Refuse, you are embracing a lifestyle of contentment. You are taking only what you need, instead of what you want. Refusing is the first thing to think about when you are buying or are offered something. 

2. Reduce

Reduce your overall consumption. Use what you have, and what you need.  Reduce what you can, whether it's driving, screen time, meat consumption, or shopping. Start cleaning your home and life from things that are no longer needed or necessary. Reducing is the second R to think about in any case where you have the option. 

3. Reuse

Reuse what you can. There are a lot of products that are made cheaply and meant for single-use disposal. However, waste isn't waste until you waste it! Even 'single-use' products can be Reused (just make sure to Refuse or Reduce first). When things can't be Reused anymore, replace them with higher quality sustainable alternatives - like the ones we offer ;) - that are made from natural resources and meant to last. 

4. Repair

Repair things that are broken. For example, sew or patch your clothes back together, or fix your phone instead of buying a whole new one. Use things to their utmost capacity and get the most out of them. Repairing things eliminates the need to buy something new. 

5. Repurpose

Repurpose things that can be given a new life. For example, put together some rubber bands and a bowl as a soap dish, or a tofu container for organizing. Repurposing or upcycling old items that are no longer useful is fun and helps to expand your creativity! Give old things a new life by Repurposing. 

6. Rot

Rot and compost your organic and food waste. Instead of throwing away your food scraps (which produce greenhouse gas emissions in a landfill), composting can replenish soil within months! Send them to Rot naturally to a local farm, a composting facility, or your personal compost. 

7. Rethink

Rethink the way you do things. These R’s are meant to help guide you through your journey of sustainability. Think about these R’s in the process of buying or Receiving something.  Do I really need this? Will this add value to my life? Can I compost this? How can this be Reused? What kind of environmental impact will this have? When you begin to apply these R's to your lifestyle, you can see a difference in the way you do things and maybe even the way you feel about things. This journey requires education, commitment, and discipline to align your actions with something that is connected to a meaningful experience. This new way of thinking can support you through your transition to a sustainable lifestyle.


8. R Planet

R Planet; take care of it. 



These 8 R's are inspired by founders Raina and Rhema Wong's family.

Ron, Riley, Ramsey, Royce, Rose, Raina, Rhema, and Risaiah are another set of 8 R's that guide them through their journey. 

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