The Gift of Green

It’s officially holiday season! The time for giving and receiving, relaxing, and spending time with family is finally here. 

Let’s be real here, the holidays can be stressful! From planning family dinners to going to holiday parties to finding the perfect gifts for your friends and family. There's a lot to think about! This year, we’ve got trash on our minds! Did you know Americans produce 25% more trash from the period of Thanksgiving to New Years? We can’t be the only ones who think this is crazy..

Keep R Planet in mind this season with these green ideas! 


Stores are stocking up on all things holiday themed, from wrapping paper to ribbons. In most countries, it is traditional and considered more “favorable” when a gift is wrapped nicely and topped off with a ribbon. However, wrapping paper is incredibly wasteful. It is designed for single-use and most cannot be recycled. And even if they could be recycled, many households resort to throwing out the wrapping paper once it’s been used. US News Money states that according to research from Hallmark, Americans spend approximately $3.2 billion a year on wrapping paper. In addition to the damage to your wallet, this is also damaging to natural resources. Approximately 30 million trees are cut down each year just to produce wrapping paper. Not to worry, a green(er) Christmas just got easier!  

Greener Alternative: 

Refuse -  Of course, the most sustainable option is to entirely eliminate packaging and wrapping paper. Save time on the guessing game and get straight to the gifts! 

Reuse - Keep the element of surprise alive with last years bags, wrapping paper, and even boxes. Put old newspaper, magazines, or books to use. 

Recreate - Use your old clothes or scrap pieces of fabrics and create your own style of wrapping. Hemp cord, flowers or ti leaves are another special and natural way to show off your gifts. 

Rethink -  Don’t limit yourself to traditional wrapping methods. Gifts don’t always have to be wrapped. Glass jars or baskets are unique and don’t require much effort to look cute. Finding new alternatives is a great way to test your creative for the holidays. 


There’s something about walking into a room and seeing the tree surrounded by neatly wrapped gifts. The anticipation and surprise can sometimes even be more exciting than opening the gift itself. As it is, majority of people don’t hold on to the presents - 54% of people return their gifts to the store. This means 54% more trips to the shopping mall, and 54% more receipts and packaging to landfills.This goes to say that keeping it simple could be the best idea. There’s a lot more to ‘it’s the thought that counts’. 

Greener Alternative: 

Rethink - What should I get them? Will they use it? Is it their size? Do they need it? Ah, whatever, “It’s the thought that counts”. Buying someone a gift shouldn’t feel like an obligation, it should be an act of love and meaning.  Instead of an actual gift, give the gift of an experience, or DIY’s, or even bake some love into their favorite recipe. Or, go with a gift, but make sure to include R Planet into that thought ;). 

Reconnect - The holidays are known to bring people together. Whether it’s a long lost cousin you haven’t even met, or a sibling you get to see twice a year. It’s a great way to Reconnect with friends and family. Maybe this year, you could bring a little more presence, instead of presents. 

Realize - Traditional gifts include clothes, jewelry, toys, or other random goods that sneak their way into your stockings. When gift shopping this year, take some time to understand and realize the environmental impact it may have. Even opt for some sustainable alternatives and truly give the gift of green. Earth-friendly gifts are a way of showing someone you care about them and the environment we all live in. 

Protect what you love and give the gift that gives back to R Planet. 

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